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Ebook Authors Continue To See Self-Publishing Stigma Disappear

from the no-more-barriers dept

As the recent news about ebooks has mostly revolved around the price-fixing settlement that was just approved, it’s worth pointing out, or reiterating, how the ebook market continues to take off despite being a digital marketplace with all the same potential pitfalls as the recording industry. Despite those potential troubles, we continue to see a rise in the popularity and saleability of self-published authors, long sufferers of the antiquated myth that if you weren’t published by a big publishing house you weren’t really published at all.

Take this recent story from CNN, which details how Amazon coincided their release of several new e-readers and tablets with a press bit showing how 27 of the top 100 Amazon eBooks are Kindle Direct Publishing books. Considering the outlook on self-publishing before e-publishing came to be somewhat commonplace, numbers like this are significant.

“Most of my months are six-figure months,” said Hugh Howey, a 37-year-old Florida author whose “Wool” series of digital books was highlighted by Amazon. “It’s more than I ever hoped to make in a year.”

The company says some authors, including Theresa Ragen, who appeared in a promotional video during the Amazon event, have sold hundreds of thousands of books.


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