Let’s Start Over (Updated — Twice)

I have written about and forwarded a few articles on depression and mental health in the past. I recognize the strength it takes to speak about such personal issues. Stephen Fry is great and so is Debbi Mack. They both give great contributions and I thank them for their courage by speaking out. Their support helps. Most of us hurt now and then, or else we have loved ones who suffer from depression. Please take heart that we are all human with defects but we can love each other anyway.   Elisabeth


3 thoughts on “Let’s Start Over (Updated — Twice)

  1. Wow! 🙂 Thank you, Elisabeth. I really appreciate your reposting this.

    You’ve summed it up, beautifully, in one short paragraph. We all hurt, but we’re all human, and none of us is perfect.

    Thank you again! 🙂

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