Making Plans for 2013 – I am Torn & Trying to Deal

thCAMYWHMNOnce again another year ends. We work our daily routines, one chore replaces another, and we don’t always see the end. So often one project just blends into the next and we don’t have the time to celebrate the little victories in between.

Now as this year ends and I try to set up some goals for next year 2013, I am reminded that some things have not changed.  My list looks too much the same.   I am frustrated as I read that last year’s goal of finishing the edit on my book is now listed as a goal for 2013.  How can this be? I have worked all year 2012 and still I have not finished!

Sometimes it tears me up, and I have to step back. I decided to look at things differently.


Breaking the work up into smaller pieces, so what has been finished is visible is recommended.  Now that concept may work, I hope! So as I begin setting up my goals for 2013, I decided to emphasize the smaller stones rather than the larger big rock ideas. Not that I am against big ideas – it’s just that everyone needs to feel their time has been worth something.

Good luck setting up your goals for 2013 – and remember BIG IDEAS can be broken down into smaller ACCOMLISHMENTS.  Celebrate your victories. 

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