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Containers and their content

  A discussion between Nick Carr & Clay Shirky

An interesting conversation & comments….

What will the future unfold?  There are conversations all over social media about the different mediums of art  (art meaning writing, music, & fine art).

thCA9AD0MGAre we evolving away from the established forms, like the printed book?  Or are we completely walking away?

I like to believe as Nick, that the future is bright.  More choice seems to help our societies.  I am eager like other writers, to see where we are headed.  Will we soon be entirely tied to our devices and read only eBooks, once the printed book generation fades away?

Will the printed book someday only belong to collectors & antique stores?

boxed booksI hope not.

I think there is room for all mediums.  We are individuals who will dictate the need for all forms of books to meet our needs.

What do you think?


One thought on “ROUGH TYPE

  1. Oh I think that paper books will be around for a long time. I’ve made observations where I work at the beach and most the patrons are still reading books. People will say there is something more intimate about holding a book in your hand than a tech device.

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