US is #14 in science literacy – A Great Program S2S released update of 2012 success in science education Accomplishments_2011-2012.pdf

It has been clearly documented already that our country needs to develop its science programs. The United States is #14 globally. Education has been falling short of producing students with thorough knowledge in the math and science programs.

Most of the research being carried out today in our universities is work of foreign students who come to our country to have the opportunity to utilize their skills.

The question shouts loud –

WHY aren’t American students more excited and involved in science?

This program S2S is one answer.   

S2S logoThis non-profit organization has been working with students and professionals in New Jersey to make a difference.
Congratulations for the success achieved to date. Please check out the results they are proud to share. If you want to help, please consider a donation.

Let’s put the children first, and give them the best education in the world. We need to encourage the youth to follow the math and science programs. Let our young learn and work in the science of today for a better tomorrow.   Invest in the world’s future, and the future of our country.

You can help by spreading awareness, get involved, and talk to young adults about the great opportunities in the science field.

Get excited over science.


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