Beta Reader Appreciation

Beta Readers.  Who are they and why do we need them?reading glass

The traditional definition by wiki is listed below. 

 For practical purposes beta readers are needed to read through the book


  • ·         Embarrassing grammar writing

  • ·         Spelling mistakes

  • ·         Troubles with the plot

  • ·         Things left hanging & not resolved

  • ·         Anything that ‘niggles’ a reader

When choosing to self-publish today, the author takes on the cost burden.  Traditional publishers have staff for the many processes of publishing, such as proof reading and editing, among others.  These jobs are now the responsibility of the writer.

It is crucial to have your manuscript edited –

so your writing will be in its best form when presented.

There are many services available for a fee.  The real chore is to find a reputable editor or proof reader that does not overcharge and performs a comprehensive job.  You can read more insight into vetting out a good editing service in the attached article.

Writer Beware Blog – Vetting an independent editor

Many self-publishing authors do not have a budget for high editorial fees.  If you are in this category, instead of foregoing this CRITICAL STEP of having your book proof read, USE BETA READERS.

You can ask people you know and trust to read through your work,

if you are comfortable they can perform the task unbiased. 

                                                -OR –

There are many sites on the web where volunteer beta readers can be found.  This is a win – win scenario.  They get to read new books, and you get their services.

The best plan is to have your work professionally edited.  Have someone competent read your work and send you feedback.  Use whatever means you are comfortable with and can afford.

For my book, I paid for an editor,  BubbleCow and was happy with the suggestions made by Caroline.  BUT-  I still chose to use beta readers too.  I asked a few people I trust to read my book before I publish and let go.

I hope they know how grateful I am for their time and investment.  Knowing not everyone will enjoy the type of book I wrote, at least I will be ensured it is not offensive before I let it go, and it will be the best it can be. 

NEWS ABOUT PUBLISHING TODAYLook for my book to be released soon. 


I truly thank my beta readers – and hope they know how grateful I am for their time.  I do hope they enjoy the story too.

Beta reader     From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A beta reader is a person who reads a written work, generally fiction with what has been described as “a critical, with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, characterization and general style of a story prior to its release to the general public.”
The author or writer may use several such readers prior to publication. While the use of the concept and the term is most common among fan fiction writers, it is growing in popularity with novelists, to the point where some have thanked their beta readers (sometimes even referring to them as such) in their acknowledgments.
The “job descriptions” of beta readers vary somewhat. A beta reader can serve as proofreader of spelling and grammar errors or as a traditional editor, working on the “flow” of prose. In fiction, the beta might highlight plot holes or problems with continuity, characterization or believability; in fiction and non-fiction the beta might also assist the author with fact-checking.
Other types of writing groups have been known to use the term critiquer or the abbreviated, informal version critter in the same context as beta reader.

3 thoughts on “Beta Reader Appreciation

  1. Well, I didn’t know there was a term for this. I asked my mom to read it for grammar. She is an avid reader and I trusted her. It wasn’t the type of book she would normally read cause its about another time period in Earths history geared for young readers so I told her she didn’t have to critique it for content. Very good advise Elisabeth. I would like at least one more person to read it before I go ahead and self publish! Thanks for sharing, Kathi :O)

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