Internet ‘bystanders’ affected as massive cyberattack hits Spamhaus



As the news today reported this headline, I thought that our worst fears may not be just fiction.
Imagine the power any group could have on the world with the ability to turn off the internet, or even just disable it a little.
The internet is really the last FREE place on this earth. It promises your voice can be heard without being blocked by government or worse. It is where new ideas are shared. It has transformed the people today – giving everyone an even playing field.
So if cyberattacks can hurt or slow the internet – isn’t this something we need to take seriously?

Protect your freedom.


2 thoughts on “Internet ‘bystanders’ affected as massive cyberattack hits Spamhaus

  1. It is an impending threat. I do not know if it would ever materialize. The internet now stands as an important busy and social networking tool. It has brought additional freedoms to all. If it were to irrevocably crash it would cause hardships for all. However, this threat seems empty and we can all sleep well with the knowledge that are e-lives will remain free.

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