After the Book Expo – Some Publishers See A Strong Future??

DRMI just finished reading this article by Steve Cohen of Forbes Magazine, and I am not sure what to think of the traditional publishing industry’s new hope.

Forbes article – Book-publishing-may-actually-save-itself

I like the idea that the Publishing Industry (the big six) is trying new ideas. The ‘Hackathon’ process they used prior to the BEA event in NYC was a great idea, something new for them, and an innovative approach to getting involved with their readers. The publishing world should always remember – it’s all about the reader.   I like the idea of reader interaction.

This however, seems to fall short of healing all the problems with traditional publishing. There is still a big gap that lays between the writer and the publisher. To me, that is the area that needs some help. If new authors, and disillusioned published authors, choose to self-publish, the traditional publishers will be left with only text books, and table books, and those too could be easily self-pub soon, with the new formatting programs and demand for better format platforms

The reader interaction program is something more in line with fiction. How exactly do they (the big six) plan on attracting new authors who will trust that they, the publishing industry, appreciates their art, and are willing to give writers their fair shake of profit? To me, the Publishing industry still has far to go – and printing Yiddish, or not, has nothing to do with the challenges that face the entire industry today. If writers cannot live off of the profits made through traditional publishing, they have no choice but to self-publish.

Association of Independent Authors
Association of Independent Authors

Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would not want to keep the profit they have earned, with the hours invested in their story.  I enjoy the process of self-publishing, even though I am very new to it all.  There is a solid community out there, willing to help and share the pitfalls and the rewards.

How about you –  Do you feel as if traditional publishers have a reason to be optimistic?  Or do you feel more authors will self-publish?

Let me know what you plan on doing, and Keep writing –


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