David Garrett Stars in New German Film – Hope it comes to USA

If you love David Garrett’s music –

David with violinNow there is more to love. A new film is to come out this October Der Teufelsgeiger.  I was so excited when I saw this new trailer that I wanted to share it with you. If you are familiar with David Garrett, you know he is one of the most acclaimed violin masters of our times. Now his popularity has moved him to the stage.

I hope he has continued success, stays true to his gift and art, and most of all – that this great new film comes to the states too.

He has played his violin crossing the line into pop music.

Born in Germany to an American ballerina, he exploded the scene in 2008 with his sound track Encore, but he has studied and played his violin since he was four.  He David Garretstudied at Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft at age thirteen, and played professionally with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra at age sixteen. David Garrett  moved to NYC in 1999 and studied at Julliard, writing and winning competitions for his music compositions.  He has played with some of the best orchestras of the world.  Here is a link to his music DAVID GARRETT MUSIC

His music moves people and reaches out to the young, helping them to appreciate the art behind the classical compositions.  I first heard his music while he toured with Yanni.  His solos were earth moving.  He has pleased crowds everywhere around the world, and adds jubilance to life.   If you love his music too, and want to see more of his new film, let me know if it will be streamed into the US.

Love the look of this film – Music & History – filled with love and hate!  This trailer promises a great new film.  Best wishes to David Garrett.

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