Scary Monsters – Super Creeps. Classic Bowie still haunts.

If you are a David Bowie fan you may remember this song –

one of his many songs that influenced a generation or two or more.  Bowie has the ability to find the issues outside of the box, that when they are pulled into our everyday view, give us an emotional tug.  Some call it pushing issues, but for many it was just his voice – his art.

Some of my favorites are Ziggy Stardust, Young American…the list goes on.  The video below of Scary Monsters was done by BOWIElover

David Bowie is a talent like none other.  His first band was formed when he was fifteen.  He studied art and music and went on to give the public his first breakthrough with Space Oddity.  He created history, with his music which resonates its own flavor that influenced and  changed the world.  He is multi talented, also being a great actor.  David Bowie was the main event for the Broadway hit Elephant Man in 1979.  He has slowed down his pace since his heart attack, but still actively recording music after decades of re-inventing himself.  March 2013, the year of his 66th birthday, Bowie released the album The Next Day.  The title song caused some controversy when first released, but is available to view now listed as explicit, so you are forewarned.

People like David Bowie are a true inspiration.

I wanted to share this great sound with you as I walk down memory lane.  I like to hear and see monster stories this time of year.  Enjoy.

Keep reading – Keep writing!

Follow your art no matter where it takes you.


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