Another Traditional Published Author Goes Indie!

A new trend is beginning to roll down the hill, snowballing into a major force that is undeniable.

Another author who has been traditionally published has gone Independent!

Till Human Voices Wake UsToday when I was on Create Space there was a wonderful post about author Patti Davis and her new book ‘Till Human Voices Wake Us’.  It is yet another traditionally published author who has had enough rejection and is going Independent, in order to see her work shared with others.

Can you relate to her story?  Have you felt like your words were being stifled, and your long hours of engrossed work dismissed?  Of course not everyone will want to read every book – but your story will reach someone’s heart, but only if they can find it.

I felt for Patti.  First for her to be type cast by the industry seems the opposite of creative, and second to reject her book seems foolish on the marketing side.

What were the publishers thinking?  The synopsis of her story seems spot on for the topics of today.

I wish Patti Davis much success with this book and all her future endeavors.

If you have a story in you – write it down, share it with the world or at least someone in the world.

Let your voice be heard.

You don’t want to worry about publishing, okay.  If you want to only share there are plenty of sites where people go to read, like Wattpad.  I have not utilized the site much to write, but I do go there to read – check it out for yourself.  There are a lot of talented writers.  Set up a profile, read and follow your favorites.  Here is mine 🙂

WakeSome people started their writing careers there, like Amanda Hocking.  Read some of her work, it’s great!  If you don’t know who she is, trust me you should.  Check out Amanda on Wikipedia!  That’s right, she’s one of the talented young writers of Paranormal YA fiction novels who made it big with Independent Publishing.

Check out her site – World of Amanda Hocking.

The path has been cleared – the road is in front of you.

If you have a story that has been lying on a shelf waiting for someone behind a desk to approve of it – STOP NOW.  Take the initiative and get it done.  If you need help, just ask.

Keep reading – Keep writing!


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