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researchEvery Good Book Still Needs A Good Review

Independent and Self-published books don’t get the same exposure that the Big Six Publishing Houses (are there still 6?) give to their authors through their clout, and of course paid out reviews.  They have the mainstream newspapers, magazines and editorials reviewing their titles with regularity.

Don’t be alarmed Indies! Association of Independent Authors

Each day there are more sites added by real readers who offer their services to self-pubers and Indie presses, with free reviews.  In my humble opinion, these are better than the block of paid review in mainstream.  These are honest reviews, done by readers dedicated to reading, and therefore probably have more value.  The reader is after all the customer.    (I definitely wouldn’t refuse Oprah’s list like Franzen, but that’s not something I am counting on.)

A good plan to get your book more exposure is to get some outside reviews.

Some have used the strategy of giving away books, and hoped that after giving hundreds away they may get some reviews trickle in – That works for some who have a few titles under their belt.

For the newbie, like myself, I think a prudent plan is asking for reviews from some of these Indie friendly readers, who dedicate themselves to ‘the story’.  I am taking the slow and steady path…

I am looking forward to reading the first review of my new book.magnolia

The review is scheduled to be released on October 13th by The Magnolia Blossom Review  which is a review site for Independents only!  Maintained by author, writer and publishing consultant L. Avery Brown of When A Southern Woman Rambles…

My book Breaking Cursed Bonds will be reviewed by John C Laird.  I have read some of his short stories and I am honored to have him review my work.

Here are some other review sites – get an entire list at the AiA website

All Books Review                                  Readers Favorite  backed by AiA

blue ink Review                                     Reader Views

Feathered Quill                                     US Reviews of Books

ForeWord Reviews                               New Consciousness Review – NCR

EZ    Keep reading – Keep writing!

Here is my first trailer of debut novel – Breaking Cursed Bonds.

Have a great weekend!


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