A Test of Nerves: My First Review from The Magnolia Blossom Review

Nerves on edge – that twisting pang in the gut…

judgmentThat is what I experienced while waiting for the first review to be published for my debut novel, BREAKING CURSED BONDSIt was an anxiety trip, not knowing what to expect, but I jumped into the pool and placed my story into the loving hands of The Magnolia Blossom Review.  No matter where a writer goes for a review, whenever any writer puts their work out there to be judged, it is intimidating.

A lump in the throat, as the writer waits with angst, each time a stranger reviews the work.


There was a previous post on this blog about this Indie review site, Magnolia Blossom, and the need for more objective and true reviews for the Independent Authors & Publishers.  The AiA has a list for some places to request a review, and I intend to seek out more reviews.  Being a newbie to the writing profession, I don’t have a lot of exposure yet, but each honest review brings me closer to gaining confidence with a reader.

That is the end goal, to have readers enjoy the story.

Magnolia Review

The first review of my book is now published.  Although John C Laird, the writer who reviewed my story, is not a paranormal fan, he did a great job with the review, and I thank him for his time.  I believe his review was accurate, and his insights will help me write an even better book the next time around.  One always hopes for perfection, but reality sets in and we see places for improvement.

That is what we do in life – we learn and we grow!

I was very happy with the final score of 89, just shy of the 5 Magnolia!

I hope that anyone who likes a good paranormal, supernatural mystery will read my book

BREAKING CURSED BONDS – I think you will enjoy it.

The follow-up to my debut novel is the sequel Exposing Secret Sins – the same family and characters plus a few more… told mostly from the POV of sister Michelle.  The majority of the scenes happen in Boston, in autumn.  Watch for updates.  Follow my board for the story on PinInterest!

EZlogobutton  Keep reading – Keep writing!


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