Thanking You! Turkey tips & Free eBook – November 21st – 23rd

Finishing up NaNoWriMo  early this year and then traveling up to New England for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I was thinking about how we all gain when we reach out to others – share our thoughts and ideas.

During this season we take the time to remember others, and reach out to connect with family , friends, and even strangers.  So in that spirit, I am offering a free copy of my eBook Breaking Cursed Bonds .

Pick up your free copy of Breaking Cursed Bonds at

November 21st – 23rd.

It’s just in time if you want something new to read while you’re traveling, or if you want a new story to enjoy while cuddling up near a fire …   Enjoy a good family drama, filled with ancient curses, and spiritual ceremonies that leap into other realms of the supernatural.

Please take this opportunity to download it free  –  if you already purchased a copy – THANK YOU! and use this opportunity to share a free copy with a friend too.

Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels

to all who venture to trek out in this cold weather.  Enjoy yourself wherever you are, with whomever you’re with, and don’t forget to think of our troops serving us in far away lands.

May they be blessed and return home safe and soon. 

For all you cooks out there – here is a great video refresher on turkey basics!  Have a great time.

Keep reading – Keep writing!


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