Stay Happy This Holiday & Write (Be Your Own Best Friend)

lookingOutWe all have those moments, the lows in our life.  Sometimes we wonder where our friends are, or why we feel so lonely.  People are fickle.  We all have lots of things on our plates and we too often forget how to be empathetic.  So don’t get discouraged if you are looking for someone’s shoulder to cry on and they don’t see your plea.  Even our best of friends can sometimes have daft moments too.  So be patient, and most important, be your own best friend.  No one will ever know you like yourself.

It’s hard to like yourself, but if you try, you can see the positives in your life.

Turn off your self-criticism and instead say out loud, the things you have done that you worked hard on, the efforts you took for others, or the special feeling you had when you read a book, or talked to your pet.  WRITE THEM DOWN.  Make a list.  There is something about words written on a page that make things authentic!  Tell yourself you want to be happy!  Write yourself a poem, or a pleasant thought, you deserve these kind words to yourself.

Then, when you start feeling good again, the entire holiday thing will seem merrier too.

Keep Reading – Keep Writing!

How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes: Adam Leipzig at TEDxMalibu

The happier 20% of people know these 5 things – You can know your life purpose too in 5 minutes  :

#1 Know who you are #2 Know what you do #3 Who you do it for #4 What those people in your life want or need #5 What they got out of your effort & how they changed as a result

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Here’s a great article on depression  by Dr. Nancy Buck- about doing things for yourself, taking the first step to happiness…

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2 thoughts on “Stay Happy This Holiday & Write (Be Your Own Best Friend)

  1. Great post. ‘Be your own best friend’ is the advice I gave my children as they entered their teen years, and is a message that especially resonated for my daughter. She recently mentioned those pearls of wisdom and how valuable they were to her…she’s 24 now and I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she’s become. Have a wonderful holiday Elisabeth!

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