Goals For The New Year – Start Writing Your List

writing goals

The New Year is just around the corner.  Use this time of year to look back – list what you accomplished.

Don’t do this to pat yourself on the back, although sometimes that feels good, and we often forget we need this.  The main reason for the retro spec is to see what was accomplished compared to the original goals set for 2013.

new idea on paper

Is there anything missed that is needed to carry forward?  Have the goals changed, warped into something better?  Was there a sway away from original goals – and if so why?

Lots of questions – YES.  But the answers are needed to set your goals for next year.  One nice thing about being creative is the FREEDOM it gives you.  You are allowed to add-on, embellish, change, warp into other areas you never dreamed of before….  this is what makes writing so much fun.

So as you list your goals for 2014 – don’t forget to get in tune with what you have done – and what you are dreaming of now – then, GO FOR IT!

FreedomWithWritingTry a new genre, explore new writing techniques, new ways to research, join a critique group, (I joined one in 2013 using Google Plus).  Start reviewing books with a gentle understanding and intentions to help them be found out, on Goodreads, Librarything and other sites too.

Remember ART is subjective, we are allowed imperfection, and we are also destined to hone our craft, grow with new understanding, and try to make something better in this world, one word at a time.

Keep Reading – Keep Writing!

Have a great New Year filled with many small successes!

Here is a video done by Joanna of the Creative Penn about the inspiration for her thriller series.  We all get inspiration from something – it is our job to develop it into something that will shine.  Joanna has done this and is a great example to us all of what determination, inspiration and hard work can develop – A Selling Thriller Series! like Arkane


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