Unblock Your Writing – Stay Creative


 Find new joy for your words

I read this article by Copyblogger about things that kill our creativity.  I realized the truth in the 8 items listed – they were it!  The list was exactly the things I do – and they are very stifling at times.

Looking for a way to CREATE and break the blockades in your way?

  • Reading about other people’s success
  • Listening to the experts about what we have to do to succeed
  • Editing your work for hours, taking professional care to look impeccable
  • Designing pages & covers according to accurate guidelines to look top quality
  • Realizing that few self-published authors make more than $500 dollars a year

thCAMYWHMNAll those hours of hard work we perform each day, held up against the list of things ‘we should do’, can generate negative thoughts, and place demanding pressure against ourselves,  which just blocks the mind – and stops the creative flow.

We become paralyzed by the thought of our inadequacies.  We put additional pressure on ourselves to be perfect, then depressed when we see that we are not.

After I read the article by Copyblogger  I was hopeful and tried to come up with ways to keep this from happening.  I will continue to read about what other authors are doing, and need to stay on top of the technology and changes – so what to do?  I decided to go back to the original promise I made to myself when –

I Jumped ! Into Writing – back to the basics…

#1 Write that predetermined amount each day.  Even if it ends up idont stopn the garbage, just write for yourself – for the fun of it  – the JOY of the written word, and the freedom it gives your soul.

 #2 Be glad for others and share their joy.  Practice being joyful.  Empathizing with others will only add to your celebration when you do something you are proud of – even if the others forget to share your joy.  All you need is the ability to be glad for yourself.

Maybe that’s all it takes. We won’t all become rich and famous.  Is that even what it is all about?  Sure we want to make a living, but writing has never been on the forefront of big  money-making careers or ventures (we all knew that , right?).  Most authors who become super successful are lucky and have one of two things –  Either they are very talented or they know someone with influence.

I am not dismissing the hard work involved too.  Successful writers work hard, but unsuccessful authors work hard too.  So don’t be discouraged – just be realistic.

Writing is done for your own purpose – your own freedom –  your own JOY.

EZlogobuttonKeep Reading – Keep Writing!



9 thoughts on “Unblock Your Writing – Stay Creative

  1. Love this post, Elisabeth. I think all writers deal with the occasional feeling of inadequacy–it’s just part of the deal. That being said, I like your ideas for busting through the self-limiting thoughts that crop up.

  2. Oh, there is such truth in these words but I love your ways to break the curse which I’m afraid afflicts every writer at one time or another. Am going away to practise writing and being joyful 🙂

    1. Hi Sus – joyful is easy with the kids around… but it is a challenge sometimes when alone staring at the screen looking for the next words to come out – we all have to become our best advocate and remember what makes us happy. It is a conscious choice we work at. Good luck with your next book- I see good reviews your way.

  3. You are spot on. Great stuff to keeping driving in the right direction. I always use #1, write a predetermined amount every day. With small victories come great things.

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