Indies Unlimited Offer Writers Real Support

cropped-New-Masthead-kbToday my debut novel Breaking Cursed Bonds is the featured book at  Indies Unlimited .

This website is a great resource for readers to find new titles and discover new Indie Authors.  I am very thankful for the wonderful staffers, their support and the opportunity they avail me with the Featured Book post.  Check it out HERE.

For all the Indie Authors out there – this site is a valuable resource, and I highly recommend you follow the posts.  There is so much help, with over 20 contributors posting useful information, and ready to answer your questions.  There are also some great resources offered with some free publicity and  promotional services



The past few years we have seen immense changes in the publishing attitude.  Many more writers are joining ranks and deciding to self-publish.  Jim Carrey is one celebrity who joined the ranks of the independent publisher with his children’s book.  Patti Davis was another author who decided to self-publish when her traditional publisher only wanted to do stories about the Reagan family, and were not interested in her fiction.  She felt stuck and needed to find another way, so turned to Create Space.

Self-publishing can be rewarding but it is a lot of work too.  Today with all the new marketing sites, social media hype, and technology growth – sometimes the small tasks can take you down a road of confusion.  This website Indies Unlimited offers very sound assistance – even help to get through the meat grinders of the self-publishing world.  Check out all the ‘how to’ posts.  After you begin following the website you’ll see the excellent articles, and will be thankful.

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