No Drama – Just Moving. Easy 2 steps to Continue Following…

April fools is tomorrow – so this post is not a joke.www history

I am moving my blog posts to my own domain (still using Wordpress), away from the original free account.

I was hoping you would like to remain a FOLLOWER and maybe check back on some of the older posts too – which is so easy!

#1   Just click this link to my new blog site address

#2  Click the follow button on the bottom right of the page at the new location, and you will receive future posts.

Here is the new address to follow –

You will notice older posts are loaded there already, in case you want to look back. Yes it looks almost the same, but the site is under a different domain. Thank you for helping me tweak my site.

supportI very much appreciate your support.

I hope future posts will be helpful, and I look forward to comments you want to share. Continued posts will be about writing, creative endeavors, mental health and of course BOOKS!

Thank you for your patience and support.

EZlogobutton    Keep reading – Keep writing!

HERE is a great tutorial for anyone who needs to move or backup their WordPress files.







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