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Who am I?   a new author with stories in her head…

I am an advocate for independent writing and publishing.

I encourage all authors to learn the skills needed for today’s book market, and keep in touch with the new technologies.

I encourage creativity and freedom.

Years ago when I was in college I dreamed of writing a book. Like many other students, I was inspired by Hemingway’s characters, and an English Professor. He taught of the relationship between the writer and the reader. The story’s journey involves both sides to be considered. I wanted to write and be part of that double-edged sword.

Then life happened.

 My years have been filled with wonderful memories of raising my four, now grown children, and jobs in the workforce where I wore many hats, but mostly employed as a buyer for new product development. There have been numerous relocations, living in New York, Massachusetts, Florida and now Tennessee, and other changes that filled my life – the list goes on. Life was never perfect, but it was very good and filled with happiness.  Then a few years ago the unthinkable happened. We unexpectedly lost a young family member.

That changed everything for me. Time became more precious.

Our family grieves still, but I need to do something with my time left. I decided to do something for myself.  I like to write about supernatural things and anything eerie.

I write genre fiction, paranormal mystery, supernatural thriller, and horror sprinkled with romance and history.

I am now writing full-time, and also post blog entries, and hope readers will be left with something new to think about after they’ve finished reading my work, bringing forth good information and entertaining stories. I also spend time taking courses that interest me, and encourage everyone to continue learning throughout their life, and always remain curious.

My first novel, Breaking Cursed Bonds, is available at

I revamped the story and worked with a new editor to get it in sync for the series Curses & Secrets

Book two of the series is also available at Amazon Exposing Secret Sins.

The last story of the Curses & Secrets serial SEEKING REDEMPTION (Curses & Secrets Book Three)  was released late 2016.

I’ve written other stories, still waiting for time to devote to the editing stages: Horrible Sin, a stand alone novel based on a historical event that I wrote during a NANOWRIMO. Another book IN THE WOODS is a story about a woman Ranger, and I’m very excited about this book. I rely on my personal experiences to help develop credible characters who can inspire others, or at least bring some kind of entertainment.  Wish me luck!

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                     Elisabeth Zguta

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9 thoughts on “More About Elisabeth

  1. What a great blog site! Looking forward to following along and learning more as I go. All good wishes to you..

  2. Awesome, just wanted to stop by and say #SupportIndieAuthors! Love to see others out there trying to do what they can to help as well. We’re stronger together than separate!

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